Minimalistic Care or Korean Care?

Minimalistic Care or Korean Care?
On the one hand, we have supporters of cosmetic minimalism, and on the other, supporters of Korean care, which consists of several steps. Can you clearly state which of these methods - more limited or rich in various cosmetics - suits our skin?

In fact, the care routine should be adapted to the skin's current condition, so it is difficult to say which of the versions - maximum or minimum - will be better. Indeed, cosmetic minimalism will be a better solution for young skin that is just starting its adventure with skincare or for sensitive with a tendency to allergies. Both in terms of composition (this allows for better control and faster capture of ingredients that work well for the skin or, on the contrary, do not serve it) as well as numbers
products used.

Extensive, multi-stage care will be indicated if problems with the barrier hydrolipid occur. Multi-layer application of products will support regeneration and allow for better skin protection against harmful factors, e.g. radiation, sunlight, frost, wind, and low temperature. Such care will also work when we need multidirectional action, e.g. when we observe that the skin is dehydrated and discoloured simultaneously. Then we can apply serum for discolouration, moisturizing gel and finally, cream to provide optimal comfort.

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