In what order will we apply cosmetics and why?

In what order will we apply cosmetics and why?

Let's imagine that we have several most popular cosmetics in front of us: toner, serum,essence, oil, cream, sunscreen and eye cream. In what order will we apply them and why?

Let's start with cleansing. This is a mandatory element that prepares the skin for the next steps care and it is very important that it is done carefully and in two stages. The first step will be a makeup remover oil, micellar water, and the second will be a gel or foam. The skin prepared in this way better absorbs the ingredients from the next care steps.

These include: tonic, has moisturizing, refreshing and soothing properties, serum or essence that respond to specific skin needs, such as lightening discolorations, narrowing pores and improving hydration, as well as eye cream.The last cosmetic in the care, which has the most substantial formula, is the cream face. The needs of the skin vary depending on the time of day and the surrounding environment, therefore it is best to use separate creams for day and night. You can not forget about the cream that contains UV filters and antioxidants that eliminate the formation free radicals, preventing premature aging of the skin.

The role of the night cream is to support the reconstruction and regeneration processes that take place in the body skin when we sleep. Night masks or more intensive ingredients, such as retinol or acids, which could cause a photosensitising reaction during the day, will be perfect here, while at night contact with the sun is eliminated.

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