The most common skincare mistakes that

The most common skincare mistakes that

The most common skincare mistakes that can affect our skin condition. We are often unaware that we are doing something wrong or that we could do better.

1. Wash your face with too-hot water or cleanse it, and then take an extended break before applying the first layer of moisturiser.
2. Improper cleansing of the skin can lead to overproduction of sebum, formation of imperfections, irritations and violation of the hydrolipid barrier.
3. Too frequent peeling, which also irritates the skin, leading at the same time to her dehydration.
4. Too many ingredients in care, which are sometimes introduced too
too fast and too abruptly changed.
5. Avoid humidification. Hydration is the basic need of our skin
forget. Sometimes it is deliberately eliminated, e.g., with oily skin, to not put any additional burden on it. This is wrong thinking because even oily skin needs proper care.
6. Lack of the habit of washing hands before applying cosmetics or between their application - always before starting cleansing and face care, we should thoroughly
wash our hands. This way, we significantly reduce the risk of spreading bacteria and microorganisms on the face. It is essential to repeat this step between the application of subsequent products so as not to transfer an intensive serum, such as the acid in the eye area, which may cause irritation.
7. Cleaning of makeup accessories and regular change of pillowcases and disinfection phone, which - when neglected - can contribute to forming inflammatory states.
8. Washing off the micellar water from the skin - micellar water contains compounds surfactants, just like the face wash gel, which each time
we wash up. Therefore, before proceeding to the next stage of care, we should wash it off your face.
9. Applying the tonic with your hands instead of a cotton pad (the tonics in the gel for such an application) is a sensational trick for sensitive, oily or dry skin acne. This application eliminates rubbing the face, possible irritation or spreading bacteria on the skin. Let's just remember to do it with clean hands.
10. Remember the principle of using creams with SPF - this is the last stage of care. We apply it over cream or serum and under makeup. But before we do it, it's worth waiting a few minutes for the filter to absorb well.
11. Powders with an SPF filter are now sensational; you can use them several times a day to keep your skin protected throughout the day.


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